Sunday, May 5, 2013

walking at sunset.

"Open my heart," I prayed.  

"Help me to feel, see, experience the present.  Help me to be right here, right now."

New and renewed.

Just sprucing things up a little bit, indoors and out.

Sometimes I think that Fall is my favorite season, but no, it's definitely Spring.  Spring brings new life, new beauty, renewed hope and things to look forward to.

The sentiment is obviously nothing new--it's been said many times before.  I don't have any grand or eloquent words about it.  I'm just experiencing it and enjoying it for myself.

Being outdoors and doing yard work these past two weekends has felt great.  Some new flowers (rieger begonias).  Our normal herbs.  Some fresh flowers (ranunculus) for the dining table.  Feels special.  Makes life feel slow.