Sunday, February 4, 2018


Well, it's Super Bowl Sunday and my only plans include reading a Tim Keller book, snuggling with Sneaker and cooking some pan-fried, crispy chicken. Christopher is away this week with Cuddle Magic touring the Midwest. Tomorrow's my 33rd birthday (that number feels strange) and, somewhat funnily, I have jury duty.

Katie Reynolds stopped over this afternoon to drop off a framed print of her photograph called the "Jolly Roger." She had a really great show at the American Sardine Bar last month that Christopher & I were able to attend. I've been really struck by Katie's work capturing vintage signs. Her double exposures make you feel like you're in this alternate reality and I love staring into those little "worlds" that she creates.

For now, I've propped it on our living room bookshelf, front and center.

It's starting to get dark (5pm) and I took this photo to capture the fact that I finally (after maybe 2 years) lit this beautiful candle that our neighbors gave to us after watching their cat Noodle while they were away. Their daughter Eliana takes piano lessons with me and is always asking me when I'll light it. I thought that burning it would ruin its beautiful etchings. However, I now see that I was wrong. It's even more beautiful now that it's melted a little.

I've been struggling a lot with my skin lately. Actually, I've been struggling for an entire 7 (perhaps 8) years now and it's only been tolerable at a few certain points. I don't really have much to say about it except that it's really hard living like this. My heart feels so heavy so often. Just typing that out feels moderately therapeutic. It's difficult having a health condition that's mysterious and not really understood by anyone (including me).

Anyway, I think it's time to start cooking some dinner. Go Eagles?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A beautiful gift.

Over the past year, my piano students have started giving "Mini Recitals" at our house. It's a chance for the kids to invite their friends & family to the studio and to perform just for them. I could talk ALL DAY about how wonderful it is and about all of the benefits that I've seen. But that's really not what this post is about!

This post is all about the beautiful gifts that I was given this past weekend after hosting one of these said recitals for my student David, age 5. His mom Anu is so lovely & warm and, truly, a kindred spirit. She handpicked the loveliest little gifts that speak right to my heart!

I felt so inspired by their beauty that had to take a few photos:

Not only the orchid, but also a cat-themed calendar (PERFECTION), some tea and a handmade card from David...

And, because he's so stinkin' cute, here's a picture of David after the recital. He's holding his recital program. He performed 11 songs and nailed it! <3

Gah, I feel so loved. And I am SO proud and happy that he already has one successful Solo Recital under his belt... at age 5!! 

I've found such joy and motivation from teaching piano, especially over the last year or two, after coming through some extremely difficult times. I hope that it continues and that I'll continue to grow as a teacher. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Photos from today

It's been a long time since I've felt well enough to take my camera with me on a walk. I'm so thankful for this morning. I woke up feeling generally okay (compared to my normal) and so I decided to take a walk before breakfast.

Here's a few of those photos from this morning, taken in the Woodlands Cemetery.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Entryway bench

Since moving into our new home in January, our front entryway had been a gaping hole of nothingness.  Besides an ugly brown carpet, there was simply nothing there--no furniture, no place to hang your coat.  When we'd walk in the door, we'd set our grocery bags right next to our large pile of shoes on the floor.  It wasn't very welcoming and it wasn't a place that we might spend any time lingering in.  

It had been on my list of to-do's to find something fitting for this area for quite some time.  In my mind, I was picturing something like a hall tree (with a bench and coat hangers), but the more I looked at them, the less I liked that particular style for this particular spot in our home.  My idea for the furniture that I was looking for kept morphing to new ideas. For months, I'd been scouring Craigslist and local thrift shops in search of something.  

And, well, persistence pays off.  Last week, this gorgeous antique double-width school bench appeared on Craigslist and I just happened to get in contact with the seller before someone else snatched it up.  I never would have thought to look for something like this but, when it turned up online, it just seemed like the perfect piece for this little corner of our home.  Better than anything that I could have imagined.

I love the character of it--its gorgeous wood and wrought iron legs; the inkwell and pencil holder on the desk portion.  I love that it has a history (even though I don't know what that history actually is)!

There's still not a place to hang up our coats when we walk in the door, but I have a feeling that I can find a solution for that before winter comes.  Assuming something nice pops up somewhere.

And these little details, here.... my mom found the cat artwork somewhere online and printed it out for us (this is just a tiny zoomed-in portion of a much larger piece of art) and then she found a used frame and personalized it with paint!  Don't you just love the little paws?!  HEHE

And the little metal cat (it's a tea light holder) was a gift from our friend Melissa for looking in on her cat Orpheus (above) while she was on vacation a few weeks ago.  Actually, the succulent and the flowers on the other side of the desk were from Melissa too!  She spoiled us with gifts for watching her baby.  Meanwhile we were just so happy to spend a little time with a kitty each day!  It did our hearts a lot of good.