Saturday, February 26, 2011

the silent piano.

This morning, I made a slow stagger into the kitchen to make myself a cup of green tea.  I was in desperate need of something to help ease this cough and sore throat that have taken an unwelcome residence in my body these last few days.  Dazed and nearly incoherent, I gazed over at the piano in the other room and was stopped dead in my tracks.  The early morning sunlight had cast a warm, luminous orange glow through the curtain, into the room and over the piano.  It was almost magical--as close to magic as our humble little apartment will ever see.  The bench was turned at just the slightest angle, pointing away from the piano, which seemed to whisper softly, "Here, come sit.  I've made room for you."

Sadly, I had to decline.  "Thank you, but not today,"  I said.  "I haven't the energy."

Today, the piano stands silent, but finds it's portrait posted on the world wide web for all to see.  Silly, isn't it?

O, but the sun does such wondrous, magnificent things.  This morning it rose and tonight it sets.