Tuesday, June 12, 2012

gifts coming together.

This past Saturday was my piano studio's year-end recital.  It was such a wonderful day and I'm so proud of all of my students.  The morning of the recital, our neighbor Danielle knocked on the door and brought in a bouquet of flowers that she had picked from her garden, specifically for us to display at the recital.  It was such a beautiful bouquet and an even more beautiful gesture.  There were a few little sprigs of lilies that were too short for the vase, so we stuck them in a mug and they're finally opening up today!

What I love about this picture is how nearly everything pictured is a gift from someone special.  The flowers from Danielle.  The mug was a wedding shower gift from my Aunt Di.  The Lumberjack Bookmark was made by my cousin Jon (& was gifted to Christopher).  The blue/green fabric napkin was from my mom-in-law.  The yellow frame, I actually bought from a thrift store many years ago, but the red matte was a "gift" from my mom!  That covers just about everything!

I wonder how many corners of our apartment or how many corners of our souls come together from/through the "gifts" of others.