Friday, June 13, 2014

Lately, in pictures.

Since Spring, we've been enjoying the fact that we now have a front porch!  Lots of herbs, raspberry bush, lemon tree, tomatoes!  And lots of meals & book reading time spent out there!

We've also been enjoying flowers.  And I learned that marigolds & anything with a lemony or citrusy scent is a mosquito repellent!  So I'm buying more of those types of flowers & herbs!

A cancelled concert (Notwist) turned into an exploratory evening on the river together.  These types of unexpected things end up being the most memorable.  I'm so thankful for time spent with Christopher!

And so thankful that my skin is taking a sudden turn for the better!  Everything that we've been doing to try to heal my skin is finally working.  Thank you, Lord!

I'm looking forward to so much this summer!

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