Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 weeks old.

[& Momma, the watchful eye.]
This week has been a week full of significant firsts.  It's been such a joy these last 5 weeks watching the little kittens grow (so fast!) and discover themselves within their new world.  I'm starting to feel like a bona fide "mom," celebrating all the little achievements as they happen.  Except I'm not the real momma.  I'm only a witness and caretaker.  The real Momma is doing all the work and teaching her little ones the ways of the Kitten World.  Since their birth, she has tended to their every need, without pause or hesitation.   It's such an amazing process to witness first hand.

The babes have not only started wandering out of their box... but also their room!

They're playing, getting into trouble, moving objects around, and climbing up any available human leg they see (ouch!).

And what a surprise it was for me to come in and find three of the kittens forming a line to use the litter box!  Everyone so politely took their turn, waiting until the previous user finished up.

Pretty soon this place is going to be a madhouse with cats in every corner and crevice.

No complaints here!