Friday, June 10, 2011

photo-essay: a mom's world.

This is a bit incomplete in it's story, so perhaps this should be considered "Part I" of a series.  (Can I ask you a question:  Should I be apologizing that my blog has become Cat Fest 2011?)

At this point, all but one kitten is promised to a home--and one of them already has a name!  The lone gray kitten has a home lined up in Pittsburgh and, from what I hear, the two young sisters who will be taking care of her have chosen to call her "Melody." :)   I can't wait to see the girls faces when Melody arrives and becomes their very own!

Although I was determined to "stay strong" and not become attached, I must tell you, it's nearly impossible....!!  I wish we could keep every single one of them around forever.  Their little personalities are starting to shine through and I can't help wanting them all for myself.  I mean, really, look at those little babies....  

Alas, in a month or so, we'll be having to say good-bye.  I'm eating up this whole experience while I can. :D