Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thankful. and some insta-snaps.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of posts about thankfulness.  It's been encouraging for me to see these posts, and it's served as a constant reminder to actually put my thankfulness into words, no matter how large or small. It seems like once we allow ourselves to start thinking about just one thing that we can be thankful for in life, we start thinking of many things.  We've been given so many extraordinary things in this life, but it's not because we actually deserve any of it.  Everything we have--even life itself--is a gift.  And, thus, the best thing that we can do is appreciate these things and express that appreciation.

These are just a few Instagram* shots that I've taken in the past month while walking to/from work.  I've been so thankful to be in better health recently.  To be able to walk around outside again.  To be able to walk to work, if I chose to.  To even have a job (or two), in the first place.  To be able to see and experience beautiful things while walking to work.  To capture some of those things with a camera.  To have such a nice camera, in the first place.  To feel like I can express something by taking photos.  To find pleasure in it.   I could keep going on this thankfulness train....

*my Instagram account: staceynicolemcdonald