Friday, November 9, 2012

work. and flower excitement.

I just don't talk about my work-life on this blog very much.  If ever.   But, I'm very fortunate.  I've been blessed with two completely different types of jobs... and I actually enjoy both of them.

I've been teaching private piano lessons in the evening hours for years now.  It's what I consider to be my "real" job--the thing that I am most passionate about--and it's always my first answer when asked the question "What do you do for a living?"  For a while, teaching piano lessons was my only job.  However, last year, I decided to take on a part-time office job to give us some extra wiggle-room in our finances.  The office job fills up my morning hours and then I go home and teach piano lessons for the remainder of the evening.  Sometimes it's tiring and sometimes I wish that I could just go back to solely teaching... but I actually do enjoy the office work.  It's teaching me to take joy in being a servant and taking care of the needs of others.  It's very fulfilling work.

A few months ago, our office moved locations.  As "Office Manager," I was in charge of packing up the whole office (quite the feat) and figuring out a portion of the logistics.  The move was right smack dab in the midst of my recent health problems.  It was difficult, but I made it through!  And now, we have a brand new, shiny office space.

For the past few weeks, our "Community Manager" Allison has been planning an Open House party for our company.  She did all the party planning (and she did such a great job), but she asked me to take care of the flowers.  I think they turned out so beautifully!!   (The front desk is my desk!)