Friday, September 21, 2012

looking forward to......

Some things that I'm looking forward to doing once my skin clears up......

  • My first cup of coffee (preferably a macchiato) after months of withdrawal
  • Taking a long, brisk walk around West Philly with Christopher
  • Rearranging/cleaning our bedroom!
  • Sinking my teeth into a thick, juicy burger (and perhaps some pommes frites)
  • Buying a cute outfit from Anthropologie (or anywhere, really)
  • Going out to a nice dinner
  • A trip to the Jersey Shore
  • Going to hear a chamber concert/orchestra concert/Ars Nova concert
  • Going to the Met (to hear Danielle perform?!)
  • Going to Kennywood (okay, this will have wait until next summer anyway)
  • Eating popcorn!
  • Practicing piano again!
  • Getting a new pair of glasses (or just new lenses)
  • Rubbing my face in my kitties fur!!!!!

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