Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visiting Longwood Gardens: the flora.

Christopher & I have been fortunate to spend so much quality time together this whole week!  It's been such a rare and unique time for us.  Christopher has the week off (no work, no gigs for the first time ever!) and we've decided that we will live with "no TV" and "no movies" for an indeterminate period of time.  Every day this week, I've arrived home to a "fancy" lunch either ready to eat or already in the making.  A girl's so lucky to have a husband who loves to cook.  I am so thankful.

Last Saturday, we made the "long" trek out from Philly to the suburbs of Chadds Ford, PA to visit Longwood Gardens.  Although we had been told time and again that it was such a beautiful place to visit, we had no idea just how magnificent it would be.  And how large (1,077 acres)!

Next time, we'll plan on spending the entire day.