Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visiting Longwood Gardens: the organ.

Composed of 10,010 pipes divided into 146 ranks, the Longwood Organ is the largest Aeolian organ ever constructed in a residential setting. Pierre du Pont was an organ aficionado who, in 1930, replaced the original organ with a much larger, custom-designed Aeolian model that remains in Longwood’s Conservatory to this day.
With the goal of returning the Longwood Organ to its 1930 splendor, a team of experts began a seven-year restoration process in 2004. They completely rewired, repainted, re-leathered and refurbished virtually every element of the Longwood Organ. 
Today, the remarkable, fully restored Longwood Organ is a highlight of the extraordinary performing arts programming.
 -from the Longwood Gardens website.  
 Fact sheet here.