Friday, March 11, 2011


Curled-up kitty paws.

Curled-up kitty schnoz.

Until the day that Christopher and I decide to "start a family," our cat Random is going to be adored, spoiled, and basically treated like the child of the house.  He's the one that gets all the attention.  All the time.  He's the one that has, and will continue to have, his life documented in photographs because "Mommy" just can't help herself.

We'll be able to look back on his "childhood years" and gawk at how small he used to be.  But, actually, we can already do that.... since we took him in two summers ago, he's doubled in size.  Literally doubled in size.  What can I say, he's one of those "food motivated" cats.  He's chubby, no doubt, but we love him just the same.

I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with camera settings and trying to find the "art" of it.  Random just happened to be laying around in the sun the other morning, looking all adorable (as usual) and it was the perfect lighting situation to experiment with both under- and over-exposing.  It's amazing, the wonders that light can do for a photograph.

Whether it's relaxing or hectic, I'm hoping you and your family have a wonderful weekend.  We're going to be doing some early Spring cleaning over the next few days.  We're invading our closets and drawers and hopefully sending most of it off to Goodwill.  Sometimes it's crazy, the things we get super excited about.   Cheers.