Monday, March 28, 2011

old scraps. old thoughts.

I love finding & re-finding old things.  Especially old papers and love notes.  I never actually wrote many love notes when I was younger, so they're few and far between.  This little scrap of paper here isn't so much a love note--it's a Jack Kerouac haiku.  But one could argue the former.  I'd always loved such non-sensical thoughts as these and found such great joy in this little haiku that, upon first reading, I felt it necessary to see it in my own handwriting.   A few years after jotting this down, I located it again in an old dresser drawer and, soon thereafter, it made it's way via Post from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, while Christopher & I were living in separate cities.  This morning, I found it once again, this time living in an old cigar box that the two of us share together.

And here's a page from an old journal of mine from 2004.  I can't really tell you why this seemed important at the time but finding it now just makes me giggle.  You can turn the page any which direction and there's North.

And so, today I've added some newer love notes to that same cigar box ("Honey, I'm at the grocery store. Be back soon.", "Went for a walk, darling.", etc.), so hopefully when we're 80, we can look back on these and wonder such questions as, "Which grocery store could Christopher have gone to that day?" or "Which city do you suppose we were living in at the time?"  

O, Life's small pleasures...!  Happy Monday.